One Paragraph Movie Review: Groundhog Day

Two hundred and fifth film: Groundhog Day, a movie I have, of course, seen before. A time-loop redemption story about a TV weatherman who evolves from cranky borderline sex pest to getting-the-girl tyre-changing piano virtuoso, the bits where Bill Murray is acting are fine and the bits where Bill Murray is being Bill Murray are great. Andie Macdowell is inoffensively present and merely symbolic of the aspirational goodness Bill must obtain in order to break the loop and escape Sonny & Cher. This movie is best enjoyed imagining how completely and utterly sick of shooting the same scenes over and over again with slight variations the crew must have been, and by relishing the brief scene in which Murray reminds a driving groundhog to check its side mirrors. Implausible, dumb and cheesy, but impossible not to like. Three and three quarter expected unexpected icy puddles out of five.