When the Saints Go Arting In: Thomas

Jo Thornely
3 min readMay 1, 2020

Today I’ve decided to explore the depiction of St Thomas in art. See, doubting Thomas called bullshit on Jesus’ resurrection unless he could poke his finger into the Messiah’s wounds for proof. It’s gross and therefore fantastic.

In Caravaggio’s version, Jesus is all ‘urgggg this feels weird’ and Thomas is really throwing his shoulder into looking skeptical, like hmmmm gonna furrow my brow and have a jaunty skeptical hand on my hip.

In Giovanni Seredine’s version, Jesus is more confident, clearly flexing while he jams Thomas’s hand into his fresh scab. Thomas clearly regrets dropping dares on the son of God and is like ‘ok a photo would have been fine’.

The 10th Century version from the Ramsey Psalter is almost unbelievably sassy, with Jesus popping a hip with a ‘hey girl check it out’ and Thomas going ‘bitch no WAY’ in front of his lookalike squad.

I like how in the de Arteaga version, Jesus is all “I had a burrito at the last supper THREE DAYS AGO and LOOK at it”

Carl Bloch’s Jesus is going “Dude. DUDE. My ribs are up here” while Thomas yells FAKE NEWS at the floor.

This one from Notre Dame shows Christ’s clear embarrassment that everyone showed up wearing the same designer.

Wouter Crabeth is all “Guys can you crouch down a bit, I can’t fit you all in frame, cheers”.

I LOVE this one from a Lieseregg church in Austria, where a zombie messiah with a chest wound is absolutely not the weirdest thing in the picture, including what appears to be midget Edgar Allan Poe praying.

But my favourite is probably this one from Mattia Preti, where Jesus shrugs and breaks the fourth wall. It’s so rare you see Jesus doing the “can you believe this guy?” face. Treasure it.